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Air and ocean freight visibility

Use independent air and ocean freight tracking to give your business more flexibility.

Make your freight decisions more flexible

Increase your options for freight purchase

Access independent real-time visibility on your freight shipments


Increase the flexibility to choose your logistics providers.


Change your freight forwarder without sacrificing visibility.

Minimise disruptions and associated costs


Reduce risks with reliable access to shipping data.


Stay informed and mitigate unexpected disruptions.

Minimise disruptions
Track all your orders

Track all your orders on one platform


Integrate all your shipping and fulfillment tools to streamline your operations.


Locate orders wherever they are in the supply chain and look up the status of any item.

Frequently asked questions

Is both air and ocean freight visibility included in the platform?

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Yes, the Freight Visibility subscription includes the tracking of 5 shipments per month.

How often can I receive air and ocean freight updates?

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Air and ocean freight updates are automatically updated based on real-time data.

Can I manage my order fulfillment data and also have air and ocean freight visibility?

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Yes, you can sign up for the complete End-to-End Visibility subscription plan, which includes full visibility of customer order and returns data, inventory management, and more.

Are there additional charges for the number of inbound shipments tracked?

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If you would like to increase your number of shipments per month, you can add more to your subscription plan. Take a look at our plans .