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Connect to the world's largest network of independent warehouse partners

Get direct access to the best fulfillment partners wherever you need them, without having to source individual 3PL providers.

Optimize your supply chain by connecting to an independent network of warehouse partners

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Leave fragmented systems behind and get access to a comprehensive network of local logistics providers

Deliver to your customers faster by reaching 90% of the world in 3 days

Avoid juggling multiple sets of data and WMS logins.
Partner directly with warehouses with no hidden fees

Streamline distribution into new markets and remove barriers to growth.

Join a network of certified warehouses

Our certified network of warehouses is vetted so that you have access only to trusted partners

Save yourself the time and effort of sourcing individual 3PL order fulfillment providers

Work with experts with a proven track record of operational experience

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Partner directly with warehouses with no hidden fees

Negotiate directly with warehouse partners without the extra costs

Choose a subscription model that suits your needs

Get full transparency on pricing

Create a network that fits your business

Use our independent network of providers to fit your business model for scaling

Build a hybrid network with your existing partners as well as new ones

Access to multiple partners means you will never run out of capacity

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Frequently asked questions

How many warehouses are available in the network?

The Moddule platform is connected to a network of over 80 warehouse partners worldwide.

Can I connect my existing warehouse partners to the network?

Yes, the benefit of joining an independent network of warehouse partners is that you can create a network to suit your business requirements. This means you can bring your existing warehouse partners with you, and find new ones, creating your own hybrid network.

What is the capacity of the warehouses?

The total footprint of the Moddule network is 1.3 million m² (14000000 ft²). The flexibility of the independent warehouse network allows for scalable capacity for your business as it grows.

How are warehouses vetted?

The warehouses in the Moddule network are carefully vetted based on facilities, processes, and service levels.