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Independent Shipment Visibility

One clear view of all
your shipments

Track all your worldwide shipments on a single platform to reduce delays and increase supply chain flexibility.

All the data you need,
in one place

With one independent overview of your air and ocean freight shipments, you can use insights to reduce the impact of delays and get the flexibility to choose freight forwarders without compromising visibility.

Increase your options for freight purchase
Shipment overview

Track all your shipments on one
user-friendly platform

Get real-time updates on all your shipments on one easy-to-use interface, real-time alerts when issues arise and information anyone in your organization can understand, regardless of shipping term.
Smart data
Smarter data
Use reliable data, independent of logistics providers.
Smart data
Shared access view
Share access with people
within your organization
or externally.
Predicted arrival times

Use AI-powered data to see
delays before they happen

Our data combines vessel GIS position, live port congestion, weather information and historical data to give you more accurate milestone information than what you receive from your freight forwarder.
Smart data
Use data insights to
improve your
Smart data
Minimize disruptions
Avoid demurrage
and detention
Minimise disruptions
Track all your orders
Extensive network coverage

Follow all air and ocean
shipments regardless of carrier

Find data on all your shipments regardless of port by using just the container number or air waybill, with extensive coverage of 120+ ocean freight carriers and 170+ airlines.
Smart data
Uniform insights
Get comparable data on all your shipments, regardless of carrier or shipping term.
Smart data
99% of all shipments
Our network covers
almost all shipments worldwide.

Frequently asked questions

How does the predicted data work?

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Our partners provide world-class data generated by AI analytics, which takes into account vessel GIS location, live port congestion and current weather conditions to deliver predictive times that are more accurate than what you get from your logistics partners. This means that you will receive information about anticipated delays before they happen, allowing you to proactively mitigate disruptions.

Where can I track shipments to and from?

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With the shipment visibility subscription, you can track shipments of air and ocean freight from any point of origin to destination, this can typically be from your different factory locations to your warehouse from which you distribute your stock. If you would like to track your shipments across the supply chain, take a look at our plans page for information on our End-to-End Visibility plan.

Are both air and ocean shipment visibility included in the platform?

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Yes, the Shipment Visibility subscription includes the tracking of 5 air and ocean freight shipments per month, for both air and ocean freight shipments.

How often can I receive air and ocean freight updates?

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You’ll get updates through the platform every 2 hours for both air and ocean freight shipments.

How can I use Moddule's shipment visibility solution to reduce costs?

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Using our independent and real-time air and ocean shipment visibility tool, means you can leverage accurate tracking and arrival information to plan ahead and avoid demurrage and unnecessary fines in airports, ports and terminals. It also means you have the flexibility to chose your logistics providers based on costs and operational capabilities without being depended on their visibility tools.

Are there additional charges for the number of shipments tracked?

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If you would like to track more than 5 shipments per month, you can add more to your subscription. Check out our plans page for more information.