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Get full visibility of your supply chain

Choose your subscription and get independent visibility of all or part of your supply chain, from factory to consumer.

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Full end-to-end supply chain visibility

Air and ocean shipment visibility


Get independent shipment tracking on a simple,
easy-to-use platform.


Maintain consistent real-time visibility independently of your choice of freight forwarder or carrier.


Receive automated alerts on your air and ocean freight shipments and mitigate unexpected disruptions.

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Order fulfillment visibility

Order fulfillment and last-mile visibility


Get one objective source of truth for all your order fulfillment data.


Connect your third-party warehouse partners or your in-house systems.


Track all your orders from ERP or shopping cart to warehouse processing and final mile delivery.

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6-10% of annual revenue is lost due to supply chain disruptions



of companies are simplifying the management of their supply chains.

The Economist


of large companies said that end-to-end visibility was among their top priorities.

Thomson Reuters

“Our mission at Moddule is to offer a simple, subscription-based solution for supply chain visibility. Customer-focused, independent visibility is a service that will give businesses more resilience and flexibility in today’s market, which we believe is key to the future of the industry.”

Hans Elmegaard, CEO

Frequently asked questions

How can supply chain visibility guarantee faster order fulfillment?

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Having an objective overview of your supply chain with automated updates allows you to get ahead of unexpected disruptions and mitigate delivery delays.

How can Moddule’s subscription-based supply chain visibility plans benefit my business?

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Moddule’s supply chain visibility options make it possible for you to choose your preferred logistics partners independently of their visibility capabilities.

What is the best way to optimize my supply chain?

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Having complete visibility is the best way to optimize your supply chain, as it gives your business more variety and efficiency when it comes to decisions on freight, warehouse partners, and final-mile carrier options.

Is it possible to get visibility for a specific part of my supply chain?

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Our plans cover a number of different solutions for different elements of supply chain visibility. Take a look at our plans for more information.